Go make your stupid art!

November 02, 2021

I'm not going to draw lines on what can be considered art, but everyone sure as hell should be making their own. Making art as an amateur is amazing. You don't have to impress anyone. Do what you want. Do it for fun. Go make your stupid art.

[In figure] I ran my hand along with the roller of the image scanner at my house. Got some great results.

Art lets you be your weird self. Our structures of society discourage that. Wear uniforms to school, wear ties to work (or avoid ties if you are in the tech scene). End your emails with a Thanks and Regards. In our society, there is pressure to be a franchisee-model fast food joint of a person—give people what they expect and don't ruffle feathers. Because your stupid art is not expected to serve any purpose, make any money or provide any value, you get to be your unapologetic self. There isn't a better medium for self-exploration. Go make your stupid art.

[In figure] My University hostel juvenile prison's specialty oily rice had maggots in it. Windows' troubleshooter also sucks.

You don't have to share your stupid art with anyone, and it does not have to be good. It needs to be honest. Unsurprisingly, most great art is honest. If you made something that's true to yourself, and it's garbage, it's a win for me.

Intermezzo: A track-by-track review of the garbage EP I made circa 2019 (found here, the titles were made in 2020 though)

tfidfs theme:
cheap tinny casio synths transition to rumbles and then some ghost has a panic attack at the end, signifying the things to come

how to end a pandemic:
"people living in a smart city and calling themselves smart people are still S P I T T I N G"

it's like someone battered a drum set and bonked a few cats in between

my reaction to getting laid off:
sampled coughs before it was cool. did not age well.

porky huchcha sankat:
more ghost chants followed by a banging gutkhacore sample.

beating up kanye ft. Kanye West:
got a coveted kanye feature, a verse never heard before, and put him on a bland as cotton beat with bovine screams.

there aren't enough songs that bring to attention the nefarious activities of Big Gutkha, such as crushing lizards and mixing them in their product.

my retriever after a heavy meal:
goes from cute to anxiety inducing within a minute

how to end a pandemic (reprise):
it's quite clear that at the time of creating this EP, I was bothered by something. nothing has changed.

this unnecessarily long deep cut is very boring (feel free to skip):
the title is a fairly good review in itself, except that this song is barely a minute and a half. feels like it's 10 minutes long though.

bro the mouth pichkari is a cultural force:
an excellent way to end this miserable and exhausting listening experience.


My area of stupid art was in the digital realm, stitching visuals and sounds together. Yours does not have to be. Do what feels right for you. It could be words, paper, sculpting, printing, or performing. Let me remind you—you don't have to be good at it. That might come as a side effect of making your stupid art often enough, but that was not the goal anyway; it won't matter if you will always be bad at it. It better be something that reflects your honest self though.

I am disappointed by how stuffy we are. Maybe it is pragmatic to be stuffy and conformist, but we completely clip out the weird bits that stick out. I remember how my art teacher, when I was in fourth and fifth grade, used to yell at me for not drawing trees right, or not finishing my art homework (colour a scenery with crayons). I used to get average grades in art class. You see, that's one of many ways they kill our imagination as children. I thought I was ill-suited to be artsy and creative. I still mentally categorize art supplies as "not my thing".

But let me tell you what I found out while making my stupid art. My art teacher was a damned liar. Anyone can make art. Everyone is artsy. We ruin it by forcing people to produce things they don't want to and then judge it. But deny the critic when making your stupid art. If your art is honest, only you could have made what you made. And that is special.

Go make your stupid art.